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Updated: February 4, 2016

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Heal Lawrence
“Facilitate, Educate and Empower”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Feb 4, 2016

    I started Heal Lawrence in June of 2012 as a tool to help the residents of Lawrence communicate to make their quality of life better.

    In December 2012 we had a horrific fire on Lafayette Ave., where Juan “Manny” Gonzalez, a Lawrence Firefighter, who I met, working on the Mayoral Recalls, did a lot of legwork for the Lafayette Ave fire victims.  I consider Juan a full time partner and I am proud to work with him.   Juan and I are grateful for the support of our wives, Kathy and Gloribel, who have allowed us the great chunks of time this undertaking requires.

    I am proud to recognize a unique partnership between the Lawrence Rotary Club of Massachusetts and Heal Lawrence.  The Rotary, a 501c non-profit organization, has offered to be our fiscal agent.  This will benefit those who help our cause and clients with a tax deduction.  We thank them for believing in us and helping us grow. 
We are now in talks with Evelyn Friedman, Executive Director of the Greater Lawrence Community Action Council, to become our new Fiscal Agent.

    We have grown a large list of Heal Lawrence Partners. This has helped us reach many more people and have the help to do our good work.

    Because of working so closely with the Red Cross, they invited Wayne Hayes to join their Board of Directors.

    We have made many great strides over the past year.  One, we have been blessed with very few fires.  We have formed a partnership with the Greater Lawrence Community Acton Council Executive Director Evelyn Friedman, and Benny Espaillat of the Essex County Community Foundation, the Red Cross and the Lawrence Fire Department.  We are meeting to streamline services and speed up the recovery of our clients.

    We are putting a fundraiser together for early 2016.  Please join us when we announce it.  If you wish to be on the committee, please email me.

    We have a goal in 2016, to facilitate educational meetings with insurance companies, educate the residents of Lawrence on the affordability and options of Renters Insurance and get as many residents insured as possible.

    This will save valuable resources for the Red Cross, the ECCF and heartache and devastation for many families.

    We have a motto at Heal Lawrence, “Facilitate, Educate and Empower”.

    Wayne Hayes

    Heal Lawrence
 We have more dedicated residents that feel their identities must be kept confidential.  If you need confidentiality, please speak to Wayne.  Our membership will grow at a steady pace. With this growth, we will be able to accomplish more, and have a larger impact upon our community.  We welcome you with open arms.  Please inquire today about how you can become a part of our growing membership.  We are always looking for community-based volunteers as well.  Volunteers aid the community in various ways. To learn more, call (978) 258-7575, or email heallawrence@aol.com. Thank you, Wayne Hayes.

Make a difference, volunteer today!

If you feel you need confidentiality, please contact me, Wayne Hayes.

Call (978) 258-7575

84 Genesee Street
Lawrence, MA 01843
Friend us Facebook at Heal Lawrence

Thank you in advance
Wayne Hayes
Juan "Manny" Gonzalez
Heal Lawrence

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